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Carpet and Fabric Care 

Cleanliness of soft flooring and furnishings is integral to the climate and associated health and environment of a building. Dimeo has a team of highly experienced and professionally qualified technicians who can offer specialist carpet and fabric cleaning and advice utilizing the very latest dry cleaning and steam cleaning equipment.

Hard Floor Maintenance

The maintenance, restoration, polishing and day-to-day cleaning of hard floors can define the appearance of your high profile areas. Whether your floor is marble, granite, terrazzo or vinyl, Dimeo will have the experience and expertise to guarantee that the floor is maintained and protected to ensure long life and quality appearance at all times.

Industrial Cleaning and Specialised Services

Dimeo’s trained and specialist cleaning staff operate a range of industrial cleaning machinery to successfully deliver sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and hydro blasting on a large scale. Our machines are excellent for large indoor and outdoor areas, footpaths, factory floors, car parks and warehouses. Dimeo owns a range of specialist high pressure equipment ensuring the cleaning of any hard floor surface is second to none.


Dimeo can provide a complete facilities management solution which encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of a property through integrating people, processes and technology. Our facilities management solution incorporates all hard and soft F.M. services. The Dimeo service includes maintenance and repairs to things such as plumbing and electrical as well as preventative maintenance programs plus tailored reporting. Our policy is to provide services cost effectively and safely in a way that improves the efficient management of any property.

Asset Protection and Maintenance Planning

At Dimeo we have a proven approach to the maintenance planning that we tailor to every client site big or small to make sure that the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning programs that we develop have been specifically tailored to meet your needs. The Dimeo cleaning teams are methodically trained and individually monitored at every site to guarantee that we protect the valuable client assets throughout Australia that we are entrusted with maintaining to the highest standard. 

Washroom services

Dimeo supplies a full range of washroom consumables from 100% recycled hand towel and toilet paper to sanitising sprays and toilet seat covers at competitive prices. Our long standing relationships with leading industry manufacturers and service providers as well as our ability to rapidly restock any quantity direct from our warehouse means that our pricing reflects real value for money.


Dimeo offers the fullest range of leading edge waste management and recycling services, - collection of general office waste and wet waste, recycling of paper, hand towel, glass, aluminium cans and PET plastics, toner cartridges, fluorescent light tubes, food waste and secure shredding. Reporting of waste and recycling volumes by type is provided as required for building owners and managers. As part of our service we can offer a comprehensive waste management plan including analysis of current recycling levels, targets for improvement, plans implementation and a comprehensive reporting system.

Window Cleaning and High Access

Dimeo works with preferred subcontractors to provide solutions for the cleaning of internal and external windows above safe heights, atriums and awnings and other areas requiring a professional high access solution. Dimeo manages all the risk for our clients by standing behind the finished outcome and ensuring that all insurance and risk management procedures and safe work methods are in place before work is commenced.