Dimeo is passionate about our workplace. We work harder to employ, invest in and retain the best people. Our unique skills and processes in all dimensions of Human Resource Management include the following and apply to all levels of our team:

Training and development


At Dimeo, developing our people to the highest standards is a critical element of our service offering. At left and below, please see the core elements of our training philosophy together with an overview of our key training activities.

Developing our people to the highest standards is a critical element of our service offering. Our training programs are developed in-house and refined by industry experts. Core elements of Dimeo’s training philosophy include:

  • Occurs throughout employment
  • Considered, planned, tracked and measured
  • Always comprehensive
  • Delivered through the most efficient and effective media
  • Delivered by internal leaders and industry experts

Considered, planned, tracked and measured


At Dimeo we access each customer upon their needs and delegate staff in the most suitable manner to meet those requirements. We use a three phase approach which results in the best possible outcomes.



We believe in our comprehensive circle of responsibility, which empowers our staff to maximise their potential in everything they do which results in what we call Cleaning Excellence.

We have a suite of proprietary policies and processes covering all aspects of our staff’s employment and compliance with all statutory requirements. Should you wish to see copies of our policies (including Equal Employment Opportunity, Harassment & Anti-Discrimination, Training Policies, etc.), please click here.