Dimeo Cleaning Services is a proudly Australian-owned and Australian-run organisation, which aspires to be a meaningful contributor to the social fabric of the communities in which we operate.

Our corporate responsibility model is built upon: our people, health and safety, our communities and the environment.


  • Enrich the lives of employees by providing them security of employment, opportunity for personal development, fair and equitable compensation and the camaraderie and fun of working in a productive team.
  • Promote a culture of respect
  • Support, involve, and connect our people to help them reach their full potential


  • Commitment to zero harm
  • Control hazards and mitigate risks, essentially protecting the community and people from exposure to health and safety risks and preventing injuries or diseases.


  • Aim for our business activities to create benefits more valuable to the community than our remuneration, generating goodwill with all those we interact with.
  • Proactively engaging our people in the recruitment process by referring those who they know will work well with Dimeo


  • Continue to reduce our environment footprint year on year with the ultimate goal of having a zero negative impact on the environment

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